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Burdock Root Tea: A Good Detox Alternative


The first thing I would like to share is this: burdock root can be a type of tea as well as medicine itself. Therefore, please take its potent power into consideration and consult with your primary care. (such as; should not be used by people who are taking insulin as it can lower blood sugar levels )

However, if you are thinking about some cleansing and getting ready for this spring more energized like myself, this might be a good alternative.

The benefits of this vegetable native to Northern Asia and Europe, is mostly known for diuretic and digestive aid treatments in holistic medicine. However, lately, scientists are also supporting the numerous potential uses and health benefits for burdock root.

Some of the health benefits of burdock root according to

1. It’s a powerhouse of antioxidants

2. It removes toxins from the blood

3. It can help treat skin issues

4. It may be an aphrodisiac

5. It may inhibit some types of cancer

This is a big BINGO for me, because of the fact that the Eastern and the Western approaches approve of each other on the benefits of burdock root. Research shows that it is rich in chromium, iron, magnesium and zinc. Many hollistic Western doctors agree that burdock root strengthens the liver while supporting urinary organs. It helps balance blood sugar, stimulate digestion and the pancreas, and it is a gentle laxative. It may help to prevent herpes outbreaks. On the other hand, Chinese medicine has been using this herb to kill harmful bacteria in sense of purifying and detoxing liver who is responsible of Qi - blood cleansing. TCM also believs that it helps reducing inflammation that cause autoimmune diseases, treat skin issues such as acne and eczema.

Since we are approaching a new year (Newroz - Persian new year) March 21st, invite this herb into your daily routine to purify your body until the new year.

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