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Underrated Tastes: Freekeh Rice

Hi there,

I am here today to talk about my recent discovery, freekeh grain. Although I am where freekeh is from, I did not give this high-fiber, high-protein food a chance until last night's dinner.

One of the MasterClass' articles describes freekeh as "Freekeh is an ancient grain derived from Levantine and North African cuisine. It is the heart of many Middle Eastern dishes and is most often coupled with meats and vegetables. Sometimes spelled “freekah” or “frikeh,” this grain is still popular in its area of origin, particularly Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and North Africa."

I have to admit that this grain has a different taste. I feel like it is going to take some time to get used to it or I need to be more creative with the infusion. Nevertheless, it is a clean, high-fiber and high-protein food with many health benefits.

If you would like to try, here is my recipe:

Preparation takes about 15 minutes

Cooking time is about 20-25 minutes

350 gr/ 12 oz/ 2 cups of coarse organic freekehwheat, rinsed and drained 1 mediun size onion chopped 1 green pepper, diced (any bell peppers or jalapenos) 3-4 tablespoon olive oil 3 medium size chopped tomatoes 600 ml or 2 1/2 cup hot water 1 teaspoon salt freshly ground black pepper chopped garlic

After rinsing the freekeh under cold running water for 2-3 minutes, set a side to get dry.

Sauté the chopped onions in olive oil until onions' color changes. (2-3 minutes with medium temperute. Add your peppers; stir ip for a couple minutes before adding chopped tomatoes and chopped garlic, cook for another minute. Add the hot water and let it infuse the tastes until it boils.

Once the water starts bubling up, add the freekeh, salt and ground pepper and mix it. Cover and cook over a low heat until the freekeh has absorbed all the water so that little stem holes are visible to you on the surface. It is important not to stir the pilaf during this time. Remove the pan from the heat. Cover the pan with a cloth or absorbent kitchen paper and the lid over the top. The bulgur will continue cooking in the steam and the cloth will absorb any excess moisture. Leave to stand covered, for at least 15 minutes before serving.

Bon Appetit

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